Fun facts about Dogs.

A Cocker Spaniel Puppy.
  1. If a dog is attempting to lick your face, he is signalling that you rank above him in the pack.
  2. Dogs sunbathe for the same reasons humans do – to get Vitamin D – but it’s probably escaped them that a coat of fur does not a cool doggy make.
  3. If your dog is rolling around in something, it’s often because they like the smell and want to carry it with them.
  4. Dogs often take their treats to another room as they see the humans as alphas of the pack, and thus likely to steal their food.
  5. A neat way of curbing separation anxiety is to leave a piece of clothing that smells like you near them; just make sure it’s not something that you can’t do without, as was the tragic case with my mum’s reading glasses!*
  6. Dogs spinning in circles before settling down are a leftover instinct from when they would do this to flatten long grass to nest in.
  7. Dog urine contains acids which can accelerate the corrosion of metal.  In fact this was once blamed for a spate of lamppost collapses in Croatia.
  8. Dogs can dream, and when they do they twitch their bodies and paws and can even woof!
  9. “Raining Cats and Dogs” refers to some morbid happenings in Seventeenth-Century England (1600s), when heavy rainstorms would drown stray animals such as these and they would float down the streets, giving rise to the idiom.
  10. If you were to stand 300 yards away from a dog, remaining still, you would almost disappear off the dog’s visual radar.  Waving your arms, however, will allow the dog to clock it’s owner in spite of the fact that you may be up to 5,280 feet (a mile) away!

Now that you’ve heard some amazing things about dogs, here’s something silly about dogs:

*I should point out that Ruby had climbed up to fetch them off a shelf in order to take them back to bed and chew them, which was quite a feat!  It wasn’t like mum wanted to dispose of them in the most bizarre way possible.

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