Learning to Drive, 10 years behind schedule

A red Volkswagen Polo.

Well…  It is time…

Time to take care of something 10 years late, at least.  Up until now I have been utterly reliant upon bicycles and public transport, which is fine until you find yourself planning train trips up to the northern Heritage Railways and finding that you need to book a bed & breakfast for a trip that should only take four hours by train!

What I’m probably implying is that the only reason I want to learn to drive is because I’ve run out of Heritage Railways in my local vicinity that are easily accessible by rail.  This isn’t really the case.  In reality my hand is being forced by the demands of work and the desire to rent a flat that won’t break my financial back.  I live in Surrey, after all.

So what have I missed?

  1. Being seen as “awesome” for being able to carry yourself to College in an armoured box.  Let’s just get this out of the way first, as it’s a joke, frankly.  Sure you can be “awesome”…  If you call being a useful idiot awesome.
  2. The chance to take advantage of one’s plastic youthful brain to learn things quicker.  I’m learning Russian, currently, so this one stings me particularly hard as I struggle to get to grips with describing my occupation.
  3. Being capable of moving to your new flat without assistance.

All the kinds of things that matter to a teen:  Reputation, Learning and Independence.  Probably not that middle one to most but that’s probably why I never had the first one.  Still, this is what I get for depriving myself of pussy:

  1. MUCH Cheaper Car Insurance – I’m looking at around £60 a month fully-comp with breakdown, personal injury and legal cover.  Not bad considering that those at 17 often pay as much as £1500 per year, or twice my rate, for less cover.
  2. A distinct dearth of people scrounging lifts.  This one depends on your point of view, but as an INTJ it’s a major bonus.  Plus, you know who your friends are – they’re the ones giving you lifts!
  3. Better maturity/perspective means you’ll be less likely to end up being scooped out of the crumpled remains of your Golf GTi four days after passing your test.
  4. Dependence upon cycling and walking means you gain habits that effectively fend off obesity…  Well, no guarantees that you won’t become a regular at Dominos Pizza like I was at lunchtime in College, but at least them calories will be converted to a greater amount of Carbon Dioxide, which foliage will appreciate.

And now, if I were to channel my inner girl, how about a name?  Well, it’s a small car, and it’s red…

A red Volkswagen Polo.
It’s kind of surreal experiencing the exact same type of car as I would’ve got back in my teens, but through the eyes of someone who is almost thirty.

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